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Lunch Actually is the first and largest dating agency in South East Asia with over 12 years of proven track record. Our clients comprise single, busy, eligible professionals and executives from various industries. Majority of them is from their lates to mids; they are successful professionals who are seriously looking for that special someone but due to their hectic lives-are unable to find them. Q: Tell us about Lunch Actually. This April, we will celebrate our 13 years in business! How Lunch Actually works is, first, we will invite every potential client to our office to have a chat with our dating consultant. During this chat, we will find out more about their profile and preferences.

That Mama: Online Dating Guru Violet Lim of Lunch Actually Shares Advice on Love and Relationships

The technology created is meant to maximise revenues, profits, app usage and keep you online as long as possible. At our offline dating service, we always insist on a blind date as we do not want our clients to be judged by photos alone. When you meet in person, you are not just another image to be swiped right or left. You are not just another pixel that is manipulated to look attractive.

When you meet in person, you are not attract your looks; you also attract with your voice, your personality, your composure and your personal story. Use technology for what it has to offer.

Violet Lim, founder of dating service Lunch Actually, helps couples find love in the digital age.

At the age of 24, Violet Lim chanced upon the concept of lunch dating while travelling. So rather than always eating with people whom you are already know, why not lunch with an attractive and eligible single? Who knows – you could even find love! Violet then left her job in a bank and started Lunch Actually with her then-boyfriend, now-husband Jamie. Lunch Actually is a business that was not all about making money; it is about helping people find their lifelong happiness.

Violet loved the idea of combining her passion of helping others and building a business. Violet is a renowned public speaker. In , she was invited to be a TEDx Speaker, as well as various conferences, summits and events throughout the region. Lunch Actually has a team of highly dedicated and passionate dating consultants and coaches to deliver high quality dating service to our clients.

During your first dating consultation with Lunch Actually at our office, your dating consultant will get to know you on a personal level. Do share with her about your lifestyle, character, preferences, and your current dating challenges so she will be able to assess your dating situation, advise you on the best dating packages to maximize your success to achieve your goal of finding the love of your life.

In Conversation with Violet Lim, Eteract and Lunch Actually

Image Credit: High Net Worth. As you read through my interview with her, you will learn that it is intentional. Just like how Steve Jobs would always be in black and Mark Zuckerberg in his greys, donning purple consistently helped in positioning. Her success story has been nothing short of amazing. Starting at a time when the perception of such services are things only your parents would do, Lunch Actually not only have to educate the market while finding market validation.

We have a well-tested and well-proven matching algorithm that has created many happy unions and our service has a high satisfaction rate among our tens of thousands of clients.

Violet Lim. Chief Cupid | TED Speaker | Keynote Speaker on Branding, Dating & Relationships, Leadership | Entrepreneur | Author. Lunch Actually.

An elevator convo with Violet Lim. See here for more from our Next Up series. First, we invite every potential client to our office to have a chat with our dating consultant. During this chat, we find out more about their profile and preferences. We also carry out ID and background checks. After that, should we have suitable candidates for them, we offer them a membership package. Each and every match is handpicked by our well-trained dating consultant. After a match is found, we will contact both parties to share details about the match with them.

Once the match is approved by both parties, we will proceed to arrange the date, book the restaurant, and finalize any other necessary arrangements. All they need to do is to turn up at the restaurant and enjoy their date. After the date, we will contact both parties again to ask for their feedback.

How AI is changing the way we find romance and stay in love

In this Valentine’s day special, Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of the Lunch Actually Group discussed the major players of the dating industry in Asia and how she built a full stack dating company over the years to matchmake her customers from online to offline. Starting from her story from how she quitted banking at 24 to start a company to geographically expand the company across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, Violet offered her perspectives as an entrepreneur navigating in the dating industry across Asia.

We discussed how the Lunch Actually Group are able to move from offline to online and now mobile with their different offerings: Lunch Actually, E-Synchrony and Lunch Click.

At 24, Violet left her job, teamed up with then-boyfriend, now-husband, Jamie Lee​, and started their dating company, Lunch Actually.

By Lifestyle Guide. March 7 Having taken a leap of faith to start Lunch Actually back in at the age of 24 when dating services still carried a big stigma, Violet Lim has since grown the company into a premier dating agency with 10 dating products in 5 countries. Violet: Well, like most Asian children, my childhood dream was not to become a matchmaker! I did a summer internship at a law firm, and I was handling a case between this divorced couple. I remember feeling really sad that they could not even manage to communicate to each other directly and they had to go through the lawyers to talk about a very simple thing like who’s going to pick up the kids from school.

I soon realized that as much as I Ioved law, it was not my calling. I was fortunate to be offered a job with Citibank as a management associate prior to graduating. While I was working there, I was surprised that many of my eligible and attractive colleagues were single. At the same time, many of my friends who were about the same age as my colleagues were getting engaged, married, or even having kids.

From a salary of S$3K to S$800, here’s how Violet Lim painstakingly built Lunch Actually

Violet Lim was working in a bank when she saw a business opportunity in matchmaking. The idea came to her after seeing that a lot of her colleagues were single, even though they were good looking and eligible. Further observation of her family, friends, and colleagues who complained about having little time for love due to their busy schedules convinced Violet even more. Together with Jamie, Violet also founded eSynchrony and LunchClick to fill the gap in the market for trusted online and offline dating service platforms.

Violet Lim’s email address v******@ +65 on Leadership, Branding & Corporate Culture | Entrepreneur | Dating & Relationships Expert.

No, it’s not always all about instant chemistry. Violwt Number. As I do enjoy listening to you. Polls Do you believe in love at first sight. I met my husband through Lunch Actually and we hit it off right from the first date. LA really provided us with Violet lim lunch actually dating excellent platform to find your partner. How Dating Success Program Works. Last year, it bought Indonesia-based online dating platform Setipe.

They Rmca online dating the eSynchrony matching algorithm which combines years of experience in matchmaking combined with the latest technology of intelligent profiling. With approval from the two sides, we will proceed to arrange the date, book the restaurant, finalise the arrangement. That has worked for us so far. But I try and remember that I am code-switching to suit the circumstance and the person, and not to a stereotype role.

If you knew that Violet lim lunch actually dating one year you would die suddenly… by Violet Lim on Apr 30, Challenges in modern dating today You have tried different ways to meet new people but they are just not who you are looking for.

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After founding Lunch Actually in Singapore back in with her then-fiance now husband , Violet has expanded the business across Asia to cities including Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok. She is one impressive boss lady! Jamie and I got married in , and we had our children Corum and Cara in and , respectively.

Online dating may already be automated and algorithmic, but for Lunch Actually founders Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, who fell in love over a.

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Review WHEN it comes to dating, women can often be their own worst enemies. From selling themselves short to having impossible standards to moving too fast, many of them unwittingly sabotage their own attempts at finding their perfect partner. Matchmaker Violet Lim has seen all this and more; she has, after all, set up 15, first dates through her dating agency for thousands of single men and women.

After six years in the business, Lim has decided to share her experiences to help women find the right man.

Lunch Actually

Lunch Actually is the pioneer and largest dating company with verified, screened members. Brainchild of co-founder Violet Lim, lawyer turned banker turned matchmaker, she’s inspired to help single professionals find love over a simple lunch date. Violet has also founded esync – the first online matchmaking platform that focuses on giving singles compatible matches based on their values and goals.

After the date, we will contact both parties again to get their feedback. Based on their feedback, we will fine-tune the dating criteria to find them.

Violet Lim is an advocate of finding love. Through the dating service she co-founded, she and her team have arranged over , dates across South East Asia. Here, she talks about running the business of finding love within the Southeast Asian region. According to co-founder and CEO of dating service Lunch Actually, Violet Lim, there are more women than men when it comes to offline matchmaking.

Lim left a stable corporate job to start Lunch Actually. It sounds like a flighty move, in fact, her parents thought so at the time. What made her do this was the realisation that her extremely eligible and attractive banker colleagues were still single and it was because they were working long hours.

Meet the woman bringing lunchtime dating to Asian cities

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Lunch Actually is South East Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company. Lunch Actually to-date has presence in 6 cities, five countries and.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The co-founders of Lunch Actually needs no introduction as they are well-known in the offline dating space for matchmaking professionals and executives. While expanding Lunch Actually to Malaysia and Hong Kong, the founders of the team have now embarked on a venture that translates the dating business from offline to online and vice versa.

Their new dating portal, Eteract allows singles to conveniently and instantly meet new friends by doing interactive and efficient online speed dating activities together to determine if there is chemistry and connection between them. So, we interview Violet about the story behind Eteract. Hi Violet, thank you for accepting the interview. Tell us the story about Eteract and how it started.

Violet: Having been an offline lunch dating agency for a few years, we have always been on the trying out new concepts and looking out for interesting new ideas. We have also always been fascinated with the online dating model and keeping track of what was happening in the dating industry. We felt that online dating would have many synergies with our offline lunch dating model but for a long time, we were not content to start just another online dating site without a differentiating point from the existing sites out there.

Violet Lim (volunteer)