Inside the intimate zone: The case of aural micro-space in multichannel compositional practice

Most Micro Focus Vibe reports are created in CSV format, so that you can import them into a spreadsheet and easily manipulate the data to suit your needs. The default CSV filename is report. If you create multiple reports without manually renaming them, the default filename is incremented report- n. Login Report. User Activity Report. User Access Report. Content Modification Report.

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The furnishing style is characterised by built-in furniture that optimises the space. Illustration: Trendfilter, Koelnmesse. Furniture and space merge as well as the various functions of the multifunctional furnishing. For some, it means the promise of a better life; for others, it signifies individuality and independence. But living in urban areas is expensive.

When living space becomes scarcer, living areas merge and furniture increasingly defines living zones, the choice of furnishings grows in importance.

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Newer is always better! Why not update your browser to experience the web how it is meant to be? Update my browser now. Tom Ravenscroft 11 October Around the size of a single garage, Micro apartments are exactly what the name suggests — tiny residences. And they are being touted as one solution to the affordable housing crises facing many major cities. They typically consist of just one room and usually include space for sleeping and sitting, together with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a limited amount of storage.

Above : New York’s first micro apartment, Carmel Place, was completed in image courtesy of nArchitects. While small apartments have historically been a feature of many major cities, as buildings have been adapted and sub-divided in an ad-hoc manner, this new wave of residences are being deliberately designed and built to be small. The winner of a competition organized by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, the tower — in Manhattan’s Kips Bay neighbourhood — contains 55 units that range in size from to square feet around 23 to 34 square metres.

Atelier Bow-Wow: Micro Public Space

With this, come new ways of sharing knowledge about welfare and labour and migration issues. When viewed under a criminological and moral social lens, human trafficking can become a blurred societal issue. As such, it can trap women into the confines of stereotypes which inhibit their personal empowerment. In answer to this, the EU-funded UNBOUND 23 project sought a new model of social solidarity that reaches beyond the welfare state and surpasses the urban-social dichotomy.

Keep reading to learn how living in a small space just might affect your you handle stress and small spaces, the micro-living phenomenon may be a We also highlight industry news and up-to-date national, state, city and.

No one likes to be cheated on, whether it’s physically or emotionally. However, with the latest dating phenomenon, “micro-cheating” , you may be unfaithful without even realizing it. Of course, only you and your partner can decide what you two consider to be cheating, but micro-cheating switches things up even more when it comes to defining infidelity. Melanie Schilling , dating expert, spoke to HuffPost Australia about it.

While you may think these little actions will not impact your primary romantic relationship, the more you become closer to someone who’s not your partner, the less close you’ll probably be to your partner as time goes on. I could not agree with Rabbi Bregman more — so many couples, at least ones I know, have conflicts due to unclear definitions, whether they’re cheating-related definitions or not.

I’m sure you can think back to your own romantic relationships, too, and see where some things were not as well-defined as others. So here are signs you may be micro-cheating on your partner. Knowingly or not, it’s good to be aware you’re doing it, then decide what to do about it. Sometimes, micro-cheating starts accidentally. You haven’t heard from your grad school ex in years, but then your birthday just rolled around and he sent you a “Happy Birthday!

No harm there, right?


Micromobility startups have struggled with profitability issues, which have been exacerbated by Covid But these startups could see a post-pandemic rebound. We dive into what micromobility looks like around the world, leaders across the space, and obstacles that these transportation solutions are facing. Most city dwellers have by now seen the explosion of shared bikes and scooters popping up around their city — and if not, they will soon enough.

As congestion in cities rises, existing transportation — from cars to buses to trains — can no longer keep up with the growing population. With cities pressed to solve their transportation crisis amid rising concerns around gas-powered emissions, micromobility startups are emerging as a powerful alternative to the current public transit mix — especially as the Covid crisis impacts the sector.

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The micro-apartment. Now, city dwellers are getting a taste of the tiny lifestyle in some impressive modern apartments. These new developments, smart spaces around square feet, are rising in popularity as young professionals seek the best locations and luxury amenities. But for millennials with money, the value of living with less goes far beyond the cost of rent. From NYC to LA, we found our favorite new developments in ten cities across America that have us thinking about scaling down in style.

The apartments themselves are clean, bright spaces.

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Arriving early, I was extremely nervous but put at ease by the friendly staff who are organising the event. Before I got into my experience, let me tell you about the event itself. As a result, Samsung KX and happn have teamed up to offer those looking for love the ultimate micro-dating destination, enabling guests to physically track connections with no expense spared. The experience includes two complimentary drinks and virtual ice breakers on Samsung mobile devices for guests to enjoy.

The evening I went to the third Event in the series of five and by now they have the setup down to an art. You get matched up and shown to your seat, put your watch on to start testing your heart rate and at the end of the date.

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Due to overwhelming demand, all available spaces are filled. Sign up for updates to be notified when spaces become available. Be prepared to bring your own officiant, marriage licence, photographer, and decorations. No food or drink other than water permitted. There is no washroom available at City Hall, so be sure to come wedding-ready for your big day.

Important information Remember to maintain physical distancing rules for photo opportunities. Enter from 12 th Avenue westbound lane or Yukon Street. Learn more about Helena Gutteridge Plaza. View Privacy Policy. What could be more romantic than having a wedding in one of Vancouver’s beautiful parks or gardens? Plan your wedding ceremony in a Vancouver park or park facility, restaurant, or garden.

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‘Micro-cheating’ and declining monogamy: Dating trends for 2020

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. The Logic of Microspace provides the reader with the technical and managerial tools and perspectives to lead a microspace program.

SEFI mitigation of microprocessors with H-Core chip and software, and the development of the most high performance space computer to date, the Protonk.

Skip to Content. Humans will soon explore, live, and work on the Moon and Mars. How do microbes behave when they grow at those gravities the Moon has about one sixth of Earth’s gravitational pull, while Mars has about a third? What changes at the molecular level under each of these environments? Do the genes associated with resistance to antibiotics or the microbes’ ability to cause disease change depending on the gravitational environment?

Micro- as astronauts currently experience on board the International Space Station , Lunar, and Martian gravities are simulated using a device called Clinostat, which doesn’t remove the gravitational pull of Earth but allows scientists to replicate some aspects of the environment around cells at different gravitational environments.

This is complemented by gene expression analyses focused on the drug-resistance-associated genes resistome as well as those responsible for bacterial virulence. This systematic microbial study includes multiple commensal, opportunistic, and pathogenic bacterial and fungal strains. This study has a second component that focuses on determining if there are changes on the concentrations of drugs needed to inhibit microbial growth at different gravitational regimes. Ten different strains of bacteria including Escherichia coli , Pseudomonas aeruginosa , methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA , Salmonella , and Shewanella oneidensis and of fungi including Candida albicans are being investigated in this project.

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